Active holidays in the Val Pusteria in the Dolomites

Tiefentalhof farm:
A pleasure in all seasons

Outdoors in a beautiful setting:
Enjoy hiking in summer or skiing in winter during an active holiday in the Val Pusteria!


… the snow melts, the days get longer, the flowers open in the warm sunlight

Seasonal treats:
Dandelion and spruce tip extracts

Spring flowers - Tiefentalhof Pasture - Tiefentalhof Spring - Tiefentalhof Flowers - Tiefentalhof


… lush green meadows up in the mountains, warm summer nights under a velvet sky, with the occasional bright streak of a falling star.

Seasonal treats:
Home-made fruit compotes and refreshing basil syrup

Three Peaks Sorapis - Tiefentalhof Plätzwiese - Tiefentalhof Dürrensee - Tiefentalhof


… the landscape flooded with golden light, the warm rays of the sun and the sparkling autumn air, clear views, and the movement of cattle to the valley

Seasonal treats:
Pickled beetroot and sauerkraut

Gsies - Tiefentalhof Gsiesertal autumn - Tiefentalhof Pragser Wildsee - Tiefentalhof Autumn - Tiefentalhof


… a soft blanket of whiteness, winter hikes and exciting toboggan rides, cross-country and downhill skiing … lots of fun for every age!

Seasonal treats:
Herbal teas from our farm

Skiing - Tiefentalhof Alpine skiing - Tiefentalhof Sledging - Tiefentalhof Skiing - Tiefentalhof Snow - Tiefentalhof