Breakfast and homemade products from our farm

A good day starts off right

One of the services we offer is a delicious and varied breakfast. If you ask us, we can prepare you a buffet breakfast in our little sitting room or “Stübele”, with a tasty assortment of farm products and homemade treats, to give you lots of energy for a day of adventures in the Dolomites.

Tasty breakfast
with homemade products



The breakfast includes milk, butter, yoghurt, various fruit compotes and honey from our farm.
We provide a different variety of spreadable cheese or Quark every day, plus drinkable yoghurt, whey drinks, and an assortment of cakes and pastries. We also offer cured meats such as speck, smoked salami and ham, various cheeses, and fresh bread from our excellent organic bakery.

If you prefer to have breakfast in the peace and quiet of your apartment, we’ll bring you a personalised breakfast basket, with a selection of farm products and fresh bread from the organic bakery.

Our “pantry”

Our pantry contains a wonderful selection of products, lovingly prepared by Hildegard and Katrin and available for you to buy at any time.

N.B.: if you want a “tasty souvenir” for your family or friends, we can prepare you a gift basket with a selection of our products.

  • Various fruit compotes, some with special combinations of ingredients
  • Dandelion and spruce tip extracts
  • Fruit, flower and herbal syrups
  • Apple mousse and compote
  • Pickled beetroot
  • Sauerkraut
  • Butter, yoghurt, milk
  • Eggs